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After years of anticipation, L. Ron Hubbard's monumental science fiction epic Battlefield Earth is coming to the motion picture screen. Long considered a prime story for the film genre, the grand adventure of Battlefield Earth awaited only the right script adaptation before everything came together to make it a movie reality. With a Corey Mandell screenplay, which captures the immense scope and irrepressible spirit of Hubbard's novel, that time has at last arrived.

The Battlefield Earth production has attracted top talent, making it a keenly anticipated film, already receiving media coverage a year in advance of its release. Multiple Academy Award-nominated actor John Travolta has taken on Battlefield Earth in the capacities of the starring villain and as co-producer.

Directing the picture is two-time Academy Award-winning Roger Christian, who George Lucas identified as the visionary director who could translate the scale, drama and vivid spectacle of the Battlefield Earth adventure to the screen. Playing the hero is Barry Pepper, most familiar to audiences as the memorable sniper in Steven Spielberg's Academy Award-winning Saving Private Ryan. Cannes Film Festival Best Actor Award-winning Forest Whitaker, who worked with John Travolta on Phenomenon, joins the production as Travolta's alien sidekick.

Designer Patrick Tatopoulos, well known from blockbusters such as Independence Day, has taken on the multiple responsibilities of Production Designer, Creature Effects Designer and Costume Designer for Battlefield Earth. And capturing all this through the camera lens, Lucasfilm alumnus Giles Nuttgen is bringing a distinctive stylistic touch to the cinematography of Battlefield Earth.

These talents and more make Battlefield Earth the science fiction film event that fans and media alike are looking forward to.

The film is being shot in Montreal through the fall of 1999, with nearly three months of live action filming taking place in several Quebec locations, including wild mountain exteriors, decaying prisons and ruined factories representing a desolate Earth of the year 3000. Innovative computer graphic special effects supervised by Erik Henry (Alien, X-Files) will round out the impressive model and miniature effect work accomplished by industry veterans Bill Pearson, whose long list of credits include many of science fiction's major cinematic successes, and miniature explosion effects creator Joe Viskocil whose list of credits include a Best Visual Effects Academy Award for his work on Independence Day. Bringing years of experience to the editing room, Robin Russell (The Big Hit) fills out the line up of one of the most creative production teams ever assembled for a major science fiction film.

Co-producers are Elie Samaha of Franchise Pictures, Jonathan Krane and John Travolta. Battlefield Earth has been licensed by Author Services, Inc., of Hollywood, who represent L. Ron Hubbard's literary, theatrical and musical works.

The movie Battlefield Earth is scheduled for a summer 2000 release through Warner Bros. Studios. This site will provide information and insights about many aspects of the book and the movie. Soon, it will be linked to the Warner Bros. web site where you will discover more extensive coverage of the movie production and the talents involved, with updates as the film nears. Meanwhile, check back here for the latest information! Until the next update,


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