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Tuesday, December 16

PG-13  Comedy Drama
Set in the 1920s on the opulent Riviera in the south of France, a master magician trying to expose a psychic medium as a fake.  Emma Stone , Colin Firth , Hamish Linklater

PG-13  Action Adventure
Four mutant warriors fight to save their city from an evil kingpin.  Megan Fox , Alan Ritchson , Noel Fisher

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10. Moms' Night Out
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 What's Worth Watching

Just Released: Dec 16
Moviegoer Opinions:
Based on a theater exit polling of 97 moviegoers: 
The "Professional" movie critics didn't enjoy TMNT's. Luckily, most of the 97 moviegoers we polled LOVED "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES."
CHILDREN: Nearly all the kids loved TMNT. Only 10% rated it an "average" movie. Everyone else rated it very high.
TEENS: ALL the males and 80% of the females LOVED TMNT's. The remaining females indicated that they enjoyed this movie very much, rating it "above average."
TWENTYSOMETHINGS: Two-thirds of the males and three-quarters of the females LOVED TMNT's. A little less than 20% rated it just "average," which an enjoyable movie but nothing special or memorable.
ADULTS: Even the adults enjoyed TMNT's. Sixty-percent of the males loved it, as did 80% of the ladies. About 30% of the males and 20% of the females rated it "average."

Cinema Review Prediction: (before opinions)
Reactions will be good for action comedy, especially with kids, particularly boys. Males in general will prefer over females, and scores will lower as ages go up.

Average critic rating:
Below Average (Berardinelli, Internet Critic)
Below Average (Roger Ebert)
Below Average (USA Today)
Poor (NY Post)


Moviegoer Opinions:
Opinions are collected opening weekend and will usually be online within a few days.

Cinema Review Prediction: (before opinions)
Reactions will be quite good for this light comedy, especially with the target of older adults. Males and females will enjoy about equally.

Average critic rating:
Above Average (Roger Ebert)
Above Average (USA Today)
Below Average (NY Post)


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